Reprise raises $62M in series B led by Iconiq Growth

62m series iconiq growthsawersventurebeat

Reprise is a platform used by software agencies such as Cloudera and ZoomInfo. These companies rely on Reprise to develop product demos and tours. In a series B round of funding, Reprise has been able to collect $62M. There is an old saying that every company nowadays is a software organization. It is perhaps true … Read more

Code climate 50m series usvsawersventurebeat

code climate 50m series usvsawersventurebeat

Code Climate is the platform that powers software engineering project management with the help of data. Recent reports suggest that it has been able to raise $50M in a series C round of funding. Code Climate was established in 2011 and regards itself as the intelligence platform for engineering. code climate 50m series usvsawersventurebeat. It … Read more

Amazon New York Californiasoperbloomberg

amazon new york californiasoperbloomberg

If the latest news sources are accurate, the New York Attorney General Letitia James will be joining the investigations into the market power of Amazon. Note that the office of the AG is collaborating with the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the management of the ecommerce giant. amazon new york californiasoperbloomberg. The update comes after … Read more