Reprise raises $62M in series B led by Iconiq Growth

Reprise is a platform used by software agencies such as Cloudera and ZoomInfo. These companies rely on Reprise to develop product demos and tours. In a series B round of funding, Reprise has been able to collect $62M. There is an old saying that every company nowadays is a software organization. It is perhaps true in this digital age. 62m series iconiq growthsawersventurebeat.

However, teams working in the sales and marketing department experience a bigger challenge of acquiring new users in a competitive market. Nowadays, the users have several alternatives to select from. This where Reprise enters the scene. In simple words, Reprise allows agencies and companies to develop customized product tour of their browser-based software. reprise 62m iconiq growthsawersventurebeat.

In this manner, companies don’t have to worry about having to develop dedicated testing environments filled with dummy data. One of the key highlights of Reprise is that it allows companies to create tours with just a Chrome extension. The customers of Reprise can capture the precise copy of their screen. reprise series iconiq growthsawersventurebeat.

They can sequence and connect them together to depict the particular features. To be precise, the tour can also comprise interactions with the users. Users can interact with the virtual replica of product through the on-screen help center. Reprise also offers an API that lets organizations to pull data from the platform and push into a data warehouse. 62m series growthsawersventurebeat.

In the earlier days, Reprise has raised $20 million. And with another $62 million in its kitty, the company can now expand its customer base and optimize its services. The co-CEO of Reprise opined that sales and marketing teams need to utilize their goods to bolster development.

Slow demo environments can drastically affect their momentum. Reprise is helping these companies to fine-tune the efficiency of the demo sessions. This funding will boost the distribution of correct resources.