Is Matilda Jane Going Out of Business?

Unfortunately, yes. Matilda Jane Clothing is going out of business. Matilda Jane Clothing, a well-known name in the fashion industry, is regrettably facing the unsettling reality of going out of business. Having made a promising debut in 2005, the brand’s journey took a downward turn, culminating in significant setbacks leading to its impending closure.

Understanding Matilda Jane’s Demise

Sales Decline and Asset Liquidation

Matilda Jane’s parent company, Gymboree, faced financial difficulties, ultimately leading to a drop in Matilda Jane’s revenue. In 2019, Gymboree filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, compelling Matilda Jane to sell off most of its assets to support its struggling parent company. This asset shortage hindered the brand’s ability to meet consumer demand, resulting in a significant loss of customers and revenue.

Termination of Relations with Trunk Keepers

In December 2022, Matilda Jane terminated contracts with its trunk keepers, who were crucial in the brand’s distribution network. This move resulted from the company’s ongoing financial struggles, further highlighting the severity of its deteriorating situation.

Rumors of Potential Rescues

Rumors of Potential Rescues

Merger with Cheeky Plum?

Speculations suggest a potential merger between Matilda Jane and the Texas-based clothing line Cheeky Plum in the fall of 2023. While this remains unconfirmed, the idea of a merger presents a glimmer of hope for Matilda Jane’s future.

Acquisition by Cabi?

There have been unverified rumors about the possible acquisition of Matilda Jane Clothing by the Californian clothing company Cabi. However, this information needs more concrete evidence than the rumored merger with Cheeky Plum.

Matilda Jane’s Enduring Appeal

Matilda Jane's Enduring Appeal

Despite its current challenges, Matilda Jane’s popularity among consumers remains unwavering. The brand’s unique and intricate designs, characterized by their charming and artistic appeal, have captivated the hearts of countless individuals across the United States.

The Closure of Matilda Jane Stores in 2023

In response to the mounting losses, Matilda Jane has been compelled to make the painful decision to shut down its stores in 2023. This step marks the unfortunate conclusion of a once-promising venture that initially showcased the potential for success within the competitive fashion industry.

The Future of Clothing Brands in a Saturated Market

Matilda Jane’s journey serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges companies face in a highly competitive market. While the industry may appear saturated, a strategic vision and approach can enable new brands to carve a successful niche for themselves.

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What led to Matilda Jane Clothing’s decision to go out of business?

Matilda Jane Clothing’s parent company, Gymboree, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2019, leading to the sale of most of its assets. This resulted in a shortage of resources for Matilda Jane, hindering its ability to meet consumer demand and causing a significant drop in revenue.

Are there any potential plans for the future of Matilda Jane after its closure?

While unconfirmed, there have been rumors of a possible merger between Matilda Jane and the Texas-based clothing line Cheeky Plum, slated for the fall of 2023. Additionally, speculations regarding the acquisition of Matilda Jane Clothing by the Californian company Cabi have also surfaced.

What made Matilda Jane Clothing stand out in the fashion industry?

Matilda Jane Clothing gained popularity for its distinctive and intricately designed clothing, featuring charming and artistic elements that appealed to a broad consumer base across the United States.

Why did Matilda Jane terminate relations with trunk keepers?

Due to the company’s financial struggles, Matilda Jane was compelled to sever ties with trunk keepers in December 2022, as it faced difficulties in sustaining its business model and meeting financial obligations.

How did Matilda Jane’s closure impact its stores?

Matilda Jane’s stores were closed in 2023, primarily due to the ongoing financial challenges that the brand had been facing. This decision was made as the brand could no longer sustain the losses incurred.


Matilda Jane’s rise and fall exemplify the volatile nature of the fashion business and the importance of sound financial management. While the brand’s closure is a testament to the challenges faced in the industry, its enduring legacy serves as a reminder of the potential pitfalls and triumphs within the fashion world. As Matilda Jane bids farewell, its story stands as a cautionary tale for aspiring entrepreneurs and a testament to the resilience required to navigate the unpredictable landscape of the fashion industry.